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Allow me to start at the beginning.

This is a native American Cat, originating in the State of Maine along the Canadian border. Its not a generated species by cross breeding with feral breeds in hopes of producing something new and exotic.

That takes care of the “Maine” part of the name.
There is a myth about cats breeding with Raccoons. I would imagine originally most Maine Coon Cats were brown in color. A cat with long hair about the same size as a Raccoon and displaying many mannerisms similar to Raccoons such as their love of playing in water.

Thus, the “Coon” part of the name. However, it is genetically impossibly for the two species to interbreed!
Teena at 6 weeks – Brown Mackerel Maine Coon Kitten
Thats only one theory of many. Personally, I think these cats came to America many Centuries ago with the Vikings that explored the world.

This breed is most similar in appearance to a Norwegian Forest Cat. Yet there are many differences. The Norwegian Forest Cat has a heavier (thicker) undercoat, smaller ears, straight nose, and lighter boning to name a few. Most likely, in the harsh Maine winters, the survival of the Maine Coon Cat resulted in the large, heavy boned, heavy coated, extremely strong, and highly intelligent cat you see today.

Through selective breeding over the years, Maine Coon Cats now are available in all colors with the exception of color point like the Siamese Breed. Black silver classic with white is by far the most popular color requested, and brown classic with white as well as red classic a close second color choice.
Its easy to tell the Maine Coon originated in a cold climate. They have tufts of fur that grow between their toes for assisting in walking in snow. Tufts of fur that grow across their ears to assist in keeping the ears warm. The heavy coat and extremely long bushy tail helps keep the cat warm in winter. Their strength, quickness, and great leaping ability certainly made them great hunters in the wild. But probably the neatest little known fact, is that they have a slight oil base to their coat that acts as water proofing in the rain.
Biggie – 9 weeks old – Black and Silver Male
Grooming should be started from week-one of bringing your kitten home. Some kittens will resist grooming, but it is something you need to get them use to having done before their long adult coat comes in. They will get fluffier each month and have fur about 1″ long at 1 year of age and an adult coat 4″ long at age 2. Try giving a treat after grooming for a few minutes. Anything you can do on a routine basis that helps make grooming a pleasant experience will be very beneficial in the future. always end grooming with petting and a treat.

As with all long haired breeds, this breed does require some grooming. About 5 minutes per day several times a week is usually enough, except in the spring of the year when they literally molt out of their winter coats. At this time they must be brushed daily for a few weeks.

I prefer using a grooming brush like the one pictured to the right. They can be obtained at nearly any pet shop or big box discount department store.
Biggie – 9 weeks old – Black and Silver Male
The shedding is triggered by the length of day light hours. The temperature has nothing to do with it. I have tryed almost every type of grooming device on the market. The best one I have found may be purchased at Walmart in the dog portion of the pet section.

It is really hard to get an adult Maine Coon wet. In order to show one. You have to first bathe them in something like (Dawn dishwashing detergent) in order to remove the oil base from the coat and then bath them in regular hair shampoo and conditioner. There are many more steps to prepare for showing ,but I will not go into all that.